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W związku z występowaniem przypadków zakażenia koronawirusem w Polsce i realnym zagrożeniem epidemiologicznym, popartym zaleceniami Głównego Inspektora Sanitarnego, mając na uwadze bezpieczeństwo i zdrowie Państwa oraz pracowników naszej firmy, zdecydowaliśmy o nieorganizowaniu tegorocznej edycji konferencji HR w Centrach Usług Biznesowych i IT.

Dziękujemy za zrozumienie,
Zarząd TEST


Advisory Group TEST Human Resources

TEST is a consulting company with 28 years of experience in the industry. For our Clients, we provide executive search, recruitment, HR consulting, salary surveys and remuneration systems, and training.

For over 15 years, TEST has been specialising in serving business and IT service centres. We assisted in launching of over 60 centres in Poland, recruiting over 4,500 employees for various job levels from heads of centres, second line managers, to specialists.

We have conducted hundreds of consulting and training projects for business service centres, including::

  • development of periodic appraisal systems and their modification
  • 360° degree feedbacks
  • job descriptions
  • job valuation
  • remuneration systems
  • talent development projects and career paths planning
  • Assessment/Development Centre projects
  • training for team leaders and managers
We issued 16 editions of Salary Reports for SSC/BPO and IT sector.

For 28 years, TEST has been managed by the same people, who became industry experts.


Test Executive

Throughout the decade of work for the clients from SSC/BPO/ITO industry, TEST Executive’s consultants got to know hundreds of managers and key specialists from all over the country – in the last few years we assisted in launching of over 60 centres in different regions.
Thanks to personal contacts and effective networking, our consultants search for and hire heads of centres, HR managers, process managers in various industries and specialisations. In their work, our consultants are fully discreet and professional.

Test Recruitment

For the last 15 years, TEST Recruitment assisted in launching of over 60 centres in Poland. We recruited over 4,500 employees starting from heads of centres, second line managers, to specialists. Many of our projects are long-term recruitment campaigns. We maintain long-standing relationships with our Clients following their changing needs as they expand their companies, and recruiting candidates with increasingly higher competencies and unique knowledge.
It is worth pointing out that many recruitment projects are conducted with the use of Assessment Centre method, and thereby our Clients receive recommendations of candidates with desired profile not only in professional terms but also as regards candidate’s motivation and personality.

Test HR Consulting

Our TEST HR Consulting team have long experience in carrying out consulting projects. They successfully completed a number of advanced projects for SSC/BPO/ITO industry, including:

  • Market analyses in terms of investor’s needs
  • Job descriptions
  • Employee appraisal (building and modifying periodic appraisal systems, 360° degree feedback, personnel audits, Assessment Centre, Development Centre)
  • Payroll (job valuation, building and modifying remuneration and bonus systems)
  • Employees’ potential development (diagnosis of employee’s potential, talent development projects, building career paths, training)
  • Satisfaction and opinion surveys

Test Training & Development

All training and coaching projects carried out by TEST Training & Development in addition to training itself involve counselling as well. Such an approach results from the fact that training projects tend to be an element of a broader plan of development activities. Training, workshop, coaching and participant observation are a natural consequence of projects such as implementation of appraisal system, strengthening the function of team leaders, fostering commitment etc.
For the above reasons, training and consulting services are provided by the most experienced and versatile Advisory Group TEST Human Resources’ consultants.

Test Salary Survey

The department conducts studies of remuneration and benefits, the findings of which are recapitulated in the form of Salary Reports, including SSC/BPO Salary Report containing information on salaries at the industry unique positions.
It also develops tailor-made market analyses such as the “Analysis of expectations of job applicants for the finance and accounting positions at a Shared Services Centre”, “Analysis of SSC/BPO’s growth rate in Kraków”, or the “Special analysis for investors in the Małopolska Province”. The team has substantial experience in job valuation and reorganisation of remuneration systems in shared service centres.
In 2016, in collaboration with ASPIRE, they commenced to work on a special salary report focused mainly on companies operating in Kraków – “Kraków SSC/BPO/ITO Salary Benchmark”.



Jarosław Pięta

Conference Organizer, Member of the Board
Advisory Group TEST Human Resources

Manager and HR expert with 27 years of experience in consulting international corporations in Poland. For 26 years, he has been a Member of the Management Board of Advisory Group TEST Human Resources.

Adela Zacharzewska

Conference Organizer, Member of the Board
Advisory Group TEST Human Resources

For 27 years a Member of the Management Board of Advisory Group TEST Human Resources. Experienced manager in the area of executive search and recruitment.